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Looking beyond the sight - An Innovative Idea

I amazed to see the hopes from a child merely 14 years old who intend to do some extraordinary task for his mother. Boy doesn’t have vision due to impairment from the birth. However, he is very passionate about the fulfillment and never failed to accomplish the tasks which were given to him in the past. He looks beyond the boundaries of inability and tries to achieve his dream with vision and mission in this mind. The boy’s family has very small piece of land which is inadequate to cultivate seeds for the earning. Unfortunately, his father died due to electric shock while working in his field. From that day, he wanted to do some achievement for betterment for his family. One fine morning, his mother told him to do a task which is unbelievable to a normal person. There was a power interruption to his home town and every neighbor was shouting for the electricity to run the water pumps to their field. There was no provision of solar or any other source of energy from which electricity could be generated.

Oops!!! See the agony of this small boy who doesn’t have the physical strength to accomplish the task. However, he was capable to achieve the extraordinary things due to his positive approach and commitment towards his family. No child at his age ever thinks of doing something for the family instead just plays and runs around. His mother has told him to design a system which runs the water pump without electricity. It’s an unbelievable and unimaginable task!!! Boy was so courageous and competent; he just agreed to the task and started building a system which runs the water pump. He had something unique in his mind and started gathering the things. Somewhere he had listened from his friends that wind is also can be used as alternate to electricity. He dismantled his old bicycle with the help of his two or three friends and removed two tires from the bicycle. A small metal drum was cut to make a curved profile for capturing the wind energy from four sides. Hand operated pump which was installed by his father long back is removed from the foundation and dismantled. The unused metal pipes are joined and connected with the hand operated pump cylinder along with metal curved profile. The central portion is firmly fixed with two bicycle tires to make a wind capturing system. The total system was erected as per plan designed by this small wonder boy and water pump started working with the help of wind energy. Everyone was surprised including his mother for this unbelievable achievement without proper infrastructure and of course without sight!!!

One more inspiring story of blind man Kish who uses his ears to see the world…really amazing….

Kish is completely blind -- he lost sight in both eyes by age 13 months. Yet he uses his ears to see. When he walks around unfamiliar places -- he loves hiking -- he clicks his tongue and then listens as that sound bounces off nearby objects. He says he's trained his brain to turn these sounds into an image of sorts -- an auditory map he follows with the help of a cane. "When you send out a sonar call ... you're interrogating the environment," he said. "You're asking, 'Where are you?' and 'What are you?' And the environment answers back." Kish is the founder of a nonprofit called World Access for the Blind. His goal is to teach this technique of "human echolocation" -- or seeing the world through sound -- to blind people all over the world. So far, the group has taught at least 500 blind children to see with their ears.

"It isn't that difficult to teach. It really isn't," he said. "I believe that the brain is already at least partly wired to do this. All that needs to happen is the hardware needs to be awakened. It needs to be activated, and we believe we've found ways of doing this." Not everyone believes him. "Many of Kish's colleagues believe that echolocation, if it's taught, should remain a secondary skill for the blind," Daniel Engber wrote at Slate. "And some disability advocates worry that all the hoopla over sonar makes blind people seem like superhuman freaks, with special powers that more than compensate for their problems." Read more in http://edition.cnn.com.

One has to think beyond the limitations and deliver some extraordinary acts for the self as well as for the society as a whole. The above story is a message for the full sighted person that nothing is impossible in this world when we have vision and mission for the better society. This is one of the best examples of innovative idea and thinking beyond the sight. The tremendous amount of energy sources is given by a nature to us; only we need to capture it in a sustained manner so that environment and ecology won’t be disturbed.

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