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Tech updates for 2015

The year 2014 could be dedicated to the smartphone innovations. There was a transition of high end smartphone models to cheaper versions. Now, the major technology development is expected in this year 2015 which will drastically change our lives. Some of the gadgets are mentioned below, let’s see…

Apple iWatch clearly seems like the most awaited product to start of 2015. While the iWatch looks extremely promising on paper and sports tons of external and internal features only a full test will reveal more. This year laptop giant Lenovo too should launch their new smartwatch. And why not, now that they have acquired Motorola, the required expertise should be more than adequate. We have also been hearing rumors about HTC planning to dive into the smartwatch market. Since the fitness bug has bitten us Indians too, finally, expect brands like Goquii, Tom Tom and more to bring their fitness products here sooner than before.

2014 was a year where smartphones pretty much ruled the roost, with massive launches and advancements. The new iPhones made a big splash and the Android kings in the likes of the HTC M8, Moto X ruled. However, it was the low cost phones that showed true potential. Xiaomi (Mi4) and Micromax will have even better spec'd phones lined up for 2015, the year when you should be able to get your hands better phones that aren't priced to burn a hole in your pocket. But there will also be an elite list of devices that will have you drop your jaws all over again. The ones that have us all interested are the HTC M9, successor to the popular HTC M8. Oppo showed us it's R5 smartphones in Singapore, the thinnest at the time of launch. Expect it to hit the Indian market in January. Windows 10 Microsoft should take the lid off its much awaited Windows 10 Operating System. Fanboys and users alike hope this new OS will fix the problems they faced in Windows 8 (activation errors, updating WiFi issues).

Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality (VR) tech and its possible applications have fascinated brains and eyes around the world. While Oculus has got the ball rolling, we believe 2015 is the year when things will finally begin to come together, with the final consumer version hitting the market. You should also keep your eyes peeled for Sony's Project Morpheus VR. It is aimed at enabling PS4 VR gaming and looks poised to shake up the tech world this year.

Windows 10
It will feature Cortana and also sport a new Xbox Live app. Overall the inter face and settings will be getting quite a bit of tweaks. But the burning question is, will they get rid of the start menu?

Come 2015 and the tablet war will get even hotter with Microsoft looking to launch its Surface Mini tablet. But before that Samsung should unveil its new Note 10.1 just in time to fight it out with Apple's upcoming iPad range. Also expected is Sony's new 12in Xperia in the first quarter of 2015.

Nothing beats the feel of shooting aerial videos; normally you would need to jump off an airplane. Not anymore. With the fairly easy availability of drones, at least internationally, I believe drone based photography should literally reach new heights in 2015.Products like the DJI Phantom, Parrot AR, Hubsan X4 and more have already proven their worth and the videos and imagery shot with these products are simply spectacular. Drones make shooting videos an overall fun experience and in recent times even avid Hollywood directors have been using them to get tricky shots done at minimal budgets. Though one has to be responsible enough while using drones, its creative applications are unquestionable. 

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