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Futuristic gadget bag

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When innovation meets a California travel startup, a prototype luggage is in the making. Barracuda aims solve the headache of frequent travelers with its ergonomically-designed luggage packed with impressive features. Practicality and convenience is the key.

Each of us sooner or later faced with a problem: as soon as possible before a long journey to collect all the necessary, and even to all the things (and gadgets) together in a luggage.

In this sense, bag suitcase with built-in support for a laptop; USB-port as well as a Wi-fi, Bluetooth and other pleasant bonuses – simply irreplaceable. With it, and travel and expect your flight – quite comfortable.

Credit : Barracuda

The creators of these unique handbags, called Barracuda, used the advanced materials in the manufacture of new items. It made of nylon and high-quality aluminum. This baggage was created in order to withstand sudden changes in weather. Its use is possible in all weather conditions.

In order to achieve a more comfortable operating Barracuda, a handle bags made from a solid, but Light material – aluminum, making it weightless, but at the same time is pretty solid. Also worth noting is that it has the ability to rotate 360 ​​degrees. Because of this it is possible to effortlessly move with their luggage elegant and at ease.

Barracuda uses the advanced technology of GSM-GPRS for location tracking. It relies on the mobile network. Any connected device can be used to track the location of their “own” Barracuda. Together with the definition of the location, goes Bluetooth technology that permits instant track the location of Barracuda, and not desperately looking for her eyes, running around the baggage carousel. The application is compatible with the operating systems iOS and Android, which support BLE. Also, in the bag has easy opening flap, which can accommodate a laptop.

For example, killing time at the airport waiting for a flight. If the phone battery level is low during the long journey, then his will certainly need to be recharged. This can be easily done from the built-in charger with USB- port. And then again, you can continue to communicate with friends, family or colleagues.

Barracuda is not only simple, elegant and unique. It is also quite robust suitcase that will serve its owner for life. Especially it will be useful for those who travel regularly.

For more info on Barracuda Luggage Bag, visit: www.barracudaluggage.com

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