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The SunSaluter – A Low cost solar energy device invented by Eden Full

Eden is an aspiring product designer interested in human-centred appropriate technology, having tinkered with solar technologies since age ten. As the inventor of the SunSaluter, she is a senior in Mechanical Engineering at Princeton University, after taking gap years as a part of the Thiel Fellowship’s inaugural class.

Credit: Eden Full / SunSaluter

Proudly Canadian, Eden's other passion is rowing, where she was the coxswain for the 2012 Rowing Canada Aviron senior women’s development team at the Henley Royal and Holland Beker Regattas. To give back for all of the support she has received over the years, Eden tells her story with the SunSaluter in schools and youth programs everywhere from West Philadelphia to rural Indonesia.

As Full got into engineering as a teen, she started noticing the influence of the oil and gas industry. A high-school trip to the Arctic – a "visceral, physical" experience where she saw climate change harming polar bears first-hand – sealed her commitment.

Why we need SunSaluter

The SunSaluter aims to increase energy and clean drinking water accessibility to off-grid communities, and thus mitigate the environmental and health implications from traditional energy and water sources. Furthermore, the SunSaluter helps to eliminate the need for villagers to travel to areas with grid electricity, thus reducing fuel consumption and increasing quality of life. By creating designs that are intuitive and locally source-able, the SunSaluter empowers the local community through education and sustainable design.

How the SunSaluter works

The SunSaluter supports impoverished communities in meeting their needs for both electricity and clean water. Using the weight displacement of water passing through a filter, the SunSaluter rotates solar panels throughout the day, to optimize energy collection by up to 40%. Now, a family that struggled with limited electricity and insufficient clean water has both.

                                                       Credit: Eden Full / SunSaluter

The SunSaluter is a low-cost device that makes solar panels track the movement of the sun using little more than three water bottles and gravity. This increases energy output by 40 per cent while producing clean water. As the water-filled bottles drip through a filter, they become lighter which adjusts the panel over the course of the day.

The SunSaluter won the Westly Prize, the Mashable-UN Foundation Startups for Social Good Challenge, second prize at the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge, and the grand prize at the Staples-Ashoka Youth Social Entrepreneurship Challenge.

Now that award-winning SunSaluter is producing power in 16 countries, Full's ready to invent new ways to make renewable energy more meaningful.

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