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Automatic laundry folder ‘Laundrobot’ invented by a 7th grader Johanathan

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Folding laundry is simple for people but tough for robots. No machine can yet match a human’s problem-solving abilities when attacking a pile of irregular shaped clothes of different fabric types and weight. However, we are always striving for the automation in laundry. 

Image source: Gazette

Folding clothes is the worst part of doing laundry. But if you can be patient enough, a small gadget invented by Johanathan – a 7th grader at the Classical Academy might be able to do the job for you.

Get more info in the following video of Laundrobot

Johnathan invented an automatic laundry folder using Legos, foam boards and Velcro. He calls it Laundrobot. It works by using motors to fold clothing. Each item is placed on the four foam boards that flip individually to form a perfect fold, Johnathan explains. His imagination and scientific know-how was named one of 35 state merit winners in the 2015 Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge. 
(Source: Gazatte)

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