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A general appeal for a Cancer Patient Samrat Sonkamble

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Today, I received one email from a NGO who is helping a Cancer patient Master Samrat Sonkamble. Who needs urgent support from you for the Cancer treatment. I thought this is the right platform to post this general appeal. Hope, you all will support this master Samrat Sonkamble. 

One of GLOBAL VISION CANCER CARE NGO patient (Samrat Sonkamble), 4 yrs old boy suffering from Acute Pre-B All. His father is a Worker by occupation.

Please refer the below details about NGO and the child they are raising funds for.

If you would be kind enough to grant them your blessings and charitable contribution, Along with helping the needy you would be getting tax exemption under section 80G. 

Treatment details 

Details of treatment are as follows: 

1) Drugs : Rs. 3,00,000/- 

2) Blood Products : Rs. 2,00,000/- 

3) Hospitalization & Investigation : Rs. 2,00,000/ 
Total Cost : 7,00,000/- 

They are lacking Amount Rs.45,400/- for his chemo therapy would request your best support for the same. 

They hope; you will donate some amount for this 4 years old child, since they are running short of time and money. Positive revert awaiting at the earliest.

You can contact Global Vision Cancer Care NGO for more details about donation. 

Please find attached below the patient details for your reference. 

Thanks & Regards,

Deepesh Salian 

The reference documents are shown below for Global Vision Cancer Care NGO and a patient Samrat Sonkamble. This is for your information.


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