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A 12th Passed Mechanic has Invented a Car that Runs on Eco-Friendly Water and Carbide Fuel at Just Rs. 10 per Litre!

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Everyone wants oil, but it is running out. There is an urgent need for change to a more renewable, eco-friendly and sustainable source of energy. Bio-fuels, synthetic fuels, natural gas liquids, electric cars, even sustainable agriculture — all of these are responses against the use of the fossil fuel. This is to safeguard our environment from adverse climate changes around the world today. Raees Markani, 44, a mechanic in Madhya Pradesh state of India has invented a car that runs on fuel derived from water and carbide. 

He spent over six months at his workshop to come up with an eco-friendly car that runs on a fuel as cheap as 10 to 20 rupees per litre. Though the vehicle looks like another remodeled car, a closer look provides details of the technology used to create it.

Image source: Onlineshop4me

The car runs on acetylene gas, which is formed from a chemical reaction between calcium carbide and water. The gas is used for several industrial purposes including welding and portable lighting for miners.

Markani said that the invention would come as a major relief to Indians who spend around 70 rupees (USD 1.08) a litre on petrol. The invention comes at a time when automobile companies are looking to use cleaner, more eco-friendly fuel in their cars. Markani has filed for a patent for the innovation.

Image credit: ANI / IndiaTimes

Though very few buyers actually ask for an environmentally friendly car, the demand for them is increasing gradually and the manufacturers definitely have to keep up and offer something new and better. 

For the same purpose Makrani went to China on 26th May this year, and came back to country recently. In the year of 2013, he also contracted with Intellectual Property Office of India in Mumbai. 

Video credit: ANI

Makrani only 12th passed from science, now he got the proposal from multinational electronic company of China, they said for work together on the formula. But Makrani rejected the proposal, he said that he want to launch the formula in home country especially in his city Sagar.

Makrani said, he changed something in petrol engine and made an acetylene engine, in which water and calcium carbide mix well and produced acetylene, after that the car start running. He also said that the car runs up to 20 km with 20 liter of water and 2 Kg of calcium carbide, reported by Onlineshop4me

According to Makrani, he talked about the mixing of carbide in the water it produce acetylene, which convert the electric energy into liquid fuel. If the company agree than very soon we will see a water-fuel car. Makrani also said that there are so many sources of calcium carbide available in our country.

He also got an offer from Dubai, that time also he rejected the offer only because he wants to launch the formula in India only. (Source: Indiatimes)

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