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Samsung Galaxy S9 The Most Interesting Innovation

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Samsung Galaxy S8 is just revealed and getting praised in the market for its display and the features. 

The most interesting innovation - it is Always On mode, which displays user-selected information in a locked state without any noticeable impact on battery life. 

This is possible thanks to the autonomous power of each pixel AMOLED-display. Energy is consumed only illumination pixels operating. 

The remaining area of the screen is black, at this point the pixels are disabled and do not consume battery power. 

If desired, the Always On is turned off in the settings. Samsung will set the similar tech in the Samsung Galaxy S9 specs as well.

Other Galaxy S8 screen indicators are not much different from its predecessor. 

It is as bright and sometimes overly juicy, slightly better adapted to the excess or lack of light, as well as a whole is still the same inherent Samsung cool display that only criticized for excessive color saturation. The notification might be different on Samsung Galaxy S9.

If the Galaxy S8 to you may seem like your smartphone photographs quickly and cool after the Galaxy S8 any other camera suddenly becomes slow. Samsung has done a pretty well job for Samsung Galaxy S8 camera, and we can expect more for the Galaxy S9 camera configuration.

The Samsung have chosen the right path, and rather stupid marketing race megapixels company has worked closely over the quality, functionality, and that too is important work, and focus speed (technology Dual Pixel - two photodiodes for each pixel array) camera module. 

But the camera module has become more compact at the same time and hardly protrudes from the housing. 

Also, Samsung may bet on the dual camera thing as of iPhone 7 in the case of Samsung Galaxy S9.

Focus and photographed literally occur immediately, but after a tiny fraction of a second smartphone is ready to take the next shot. 

No delays, no freezes, and slowdown during shooting. You can portray in manual mode and clear images even wrote without stopping. 

And, yes Samsung Galaxy S9 will produce the best of images.

To improve image quality in low light conditions in the Galaxy S8 uses a combination of large-aperture lens f / 1.7 and increased to 1.4-micron size individual pixel matrix. 

Some would think that 12-megapixel flagship for 2017 is somehow not enough. 

In fact, this resolution main camera is enough for any task. Anyway, the vast majority of photos mercilessly squeezed and settles in social networks, and therefore more valuable to the end user quality and easy to apply in practice, additional features than the original image size. 

Galaxy S9 camera will offer as many as 10 shooting modes as well.


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