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ENERGY PORTABLE Keeps Your Fingers Healthy While Charging Your Devices!

When your gadget’s battery hits 1 or 2 per cent in the middle of the afternoon or your travel to any remote location where charging facility isn’t available, it fills you with panic, dread, and sadness!

But now that could be a thing of the past. New human-powered charging device ‘Energy Portable’ is a pocket-sized electric generator made for everyone who needs to power up their electronic gadgets.

The ENERGY PORTABLE was created by Jhonni Martins, was on development for about 2.5 years.

Images credit: ENERGY PORTABLE

This wearable charger, without any socket, keeps your fingers healthy as you need to press it for your charging requirement.

It’s a versatile green product which generates enough electricity to power mobile phones, tablet, media players, headset, camera, portable gaming & speaker, power bank, portable mini fan, flashlight, and more.

Images credit: ENERGY PORTABLE

How does it work?

It’s a simple handy device that fits in your palm easily. By calmingly pressing and releasing the handle after having connected the USB cable to your device, that’s it!

You won’t have to worry anymore when traveling, camping, commuting, and walking or blackout happens, as you have an energy solution all time, anywhere!


It has a higher efficiency and speed similar to your regular electric socket. Stuffed with 2600 mAh capacity, and its output voltage, amperage is 5V & 2100 mA.

The Energy Portable weighs around 140 g and sized at 13.6 x 6.8 x 4 cm, is a self-powered device that doesn’t require any charging from any electric power source.

It does not exhaust your arms over long periods of time so you can charge with no effort as long as you need.

Indiegogo campaign of Energy Portable is currently live and another two months are left for supporting it.

This is really an innovative green product that supports our environment as well as keeps our fingers fit! 

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