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HOPPY Converts Your Household Waste into a High Quality Clean Biofuel

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Replacing traditional gasoline, diesel, and jet fuels with renewable fuels will have a wide range of environmental, societal, and economic impacts.

It is clear that no single energy source can sustainably meet all future energy needs; however, biofuels provide an option that can address the energy demands of the transportation sector.

For sustainable bioenergy and biofuel production to blend into our lifestyle say within 25-30 years from now, the development of existing technology and present infrastructure is essential.

There is increasing evidence that commercial biofuel production can be reconciled with feeding humanity and preserving the environment, provided that we invest the time and effort needed.

Images credit: Vivex Engineering

The disposal of household waste is the main concern for many people living in cities and generally, it becomes a part of the landfill or thrown into the ocean. Now, you don't have to worry about the disposal of your household waste anymore.

A London-based start-up VIVEX Engineering, an R&D engineering company focused on the environment, pollution and health fields, brings a green product called ‘HOPPY’ that converts your all house waste into a high-quality clean biofuel.

Images credit: Vivex Engineering

The HOPPY is the smallest pyrolysis plant in the world aims to solve the menace of home based waste and helps our environment.

The company involves in treating the municipal waste, air/gas treatment for processing, waste solutions management, and pyrolysis plant supply technology.

Its MCAC unit purifies the urban city pollution and removes CO, NOx, vocs, pm, dust, and other gas extremely dangerous for human and environment.

If every family starts to resolve seriously the problem of waste, step by step we will arrive to eliminate the landfill and stop putting more solid waste in the ocean.

The HOPPY, available in different colors, provides efficient solutions for the waste generated from your kitchen, home, or in the garden. 

The compact and sleek design along with pyrolysis technology makes it most efficient waste disposal device to treat the home waste.

It weighs only 45 kg (20.5 lbs), having a size of 63cm x 100cm to cater the capacity of 5 kg every day.

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