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How Do Solar Roofs Work: An Animated Guide

There’s no doubt that solar is quickly becoming one of the world’s most widely used alternative sources of energy. 

Solar currently powers over one million homes in the United States, and for good reason. 

It has the potential to cut electric bills in at least half, and the cost to install solar in homes home has dropped more than 80% since 2008. 

Representative Image (Source: Live Science)

With all the news surrounding recent advancements in solar technology, including higher-efficiency panels and Tesla’s development of solar roof tiles, you’ve probably wondered “How do solar roofs work?” 

That’s why Renoviso created this animated infographic to show you how it all works.

It all starts with a single solar cell, which come together to create a fully-integrated system to power your home. 

If you’re thinking about installing solar in your home, check out the infographic below!

How Solar Roofs Work - infographic

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