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This GreenNote Device Uses the Energy of the Plants to Create Music!

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Science increasingly supports the concept that plants and trees operate with an innate intelligence and logic diverse from our own. Music of the Plants allows people around the world to connect with this intelligence.

Do plants create the music? Many won’t believe this phenomenon of nature. But the answer is yes; it can listen and create music.

The researchers at the Damanhur Federation of Communities near Turin in Italy started intensive research into plant communication, attempting to prove that plants were sentient beings.

As part of their research, they created instruments that are able to capture the electromagnetic, several of the surfaces of the plant leaves and their root systems, and turn them into sounds and movement.

They developed a U1 machine called ‘Music of the Plants’ which is available across the globe. The Music of the Plants is a patented device, and each unit contains a unique number to ensure the best possible service and maintenance.

GreenNote (Images credit: Singing Plant)

After nearly 2 years of research, a social organization SingingPlant now takes this plant music phenomenon to the next level by inventing a compact and high-end gadget called GreenNote that uses the energy of the plants to create music. 

Research suggests that relaxing tunes slow down our pulses, lower blood pressure and decrease stress hormones. The melodic music coming from your plant will help relax and relieve stress.

Inside of GreenNote (Image credit: Singing Plant)
The GreenNote is simple in operation, just turn on the device; the device converts the energy into music and uses the detachable speaker to make music louder!

The device converts electrical impulses of plants into music so you can hear your plant sing. It comes with 2 bio-sensing electrodes; one is connected to the leaf and one to the soil next to the stem of the plant. 

Electrodes pick up electrical micro-voltage fluctuations and send them to Arduino Uno board, where specially written program converts signal to digital data and in turn is converted into music and board outputs it through the speakers. 

The cool part that any external interactions with the plant will alter the music since the current will change. Touching, watering, exposing the plant to the sun, all these actions will change the melody.

With GreenNote you can wake up every morning with a different melody, created by the plant you cherish. Set the time and let nature wake you up. 

Thanks to Bluetooth technology, you can listen to your favorite plant while doing either Yoga or any other activities at any corner or place.

Presently, the creators of the GreenNote are working on making a mobile app that enables the user to change music type, set alarm, control volume and much more.


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