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A Syrian-Armenian Student Develops Ventus | A Wind Powered Charger-Cum-Cooling System

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A Syrian-Armenian Refugee Student Develops Ventus
Thanks to the technology advancement, the invention of sustainable gadgets that make our life comfortable and simple is increasing at much faster pace than expected earlier. Many tech startups across the globe either invent or support new devices with an aim to improve the lifestyle without harming the environment.

World is developing along with increase in the population that elevates energy demand and its consumption. To meet the energy crises, new renewable and sustainable energy sources technologies are being developed in the world. Wind turbine power is one of the options for this issue.

One such innovation from a Syrian-Armenian refugee student Shoushi Bakarian who has been living in Canada since 2016 and her social initiative - The Stratos Aerospace Lab (S.A.L.), have developed a renewable powered device called “Ventus”, a USB charging device as well as cooling system for Cessna aircraft that operates on clean energy ‘air’, as reported by Horizon Weekly.

A Syrian-Armenian Refugee Student Develops Ventus

A Syrian-Armenian Refugee Student Develops Ventus

In spite of severe living conditions and conflict at that region, she could continue her studies and finished grades 11 and 12 in a city that had no running water or electricity. 

After reaching to Canada, she joined Aerospace Engineering at Concordia University and started her ambition for developing the renewable energy propulsion systems!

A Syrian-Armenian Refugee Student Develops Ventus

A Syrian-Armenian Refugee Student Develops Ventus

Stratos Aviation is a multidisciplinary environment with a hands-on approach to educate and promote all aspects of aviation. This lab promotes the STEM education and develops various social entrepreneurial aviation products which is further marketed and profits are distributed as education grants to students pursuing STEM related studies in aviation and aerospace in Canada. 

Stratos Aviation started its outreach programs in March 2017 and since, over 6000 people have been influenced and exposed to different facets of STEM in aviation and aerospace.

The device was designed and engineered at the Stratos Aerospace Lab in early 2018 and creators expect to roll out production in October this year.

Ventus uses pure science and precise angulation to create the perfect venturi. It works on simple principle: air passes in the tube, a venture modifies the atmospheric pressure within the chamber going from a zone of higher to lower pressure which lowers the air temperature by 3-5 deg. Celsius inside the aircraft, depending on the speed of the aircraft and outside air temperature. It’s designed especially for the Cessna 150, 152, 172, 180, 182 classes of airplanes.

The USB charger-cum-cooler requires no installation or modification to the aircraft and owners can simply replace the current venting tube with a Ventus, made from the polycarbonate polymer. 

The micro generator produces about 5V, 2.0 amps renewable energy which can charge your electronic gadgets including GPS, navigation aids, smartphones, tablets, more.

The minimum required wind speed to operate in the air and on the ground are 90 mph and 15 mph respectively. However, you can use the cooling aspect of device in the air only due to higher wind speed.

The team, who designed and developed the Ventus, is composed of serial inventors and entrepreneurs who have brought many products to the market and have been sold in over 90 countries around the world.

Ventus comes with a 1 year manufacturing defect policy. It was built with aviation and safety in mind therefore returns are only possible if the original box was never opened. The product is currently live at Indiegogo for raising the fund for tooling and initial production. Your contribution will bring the sustainable product Ventus to life and grow the studying grants for students pursuing STEM education.




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