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CBD Anxiety Reduction : Does CBD Actually Work?

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CBD Anxiety Reduction : Does CBD Actually Work?
CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the naturally occurring chemical compounds in cannabis, examples of which are marijuana and hemp. The oil is sourced from an organic substance that forms in the plant’s secretions. THC, or delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, was the most studied cannabinoid because of its high levels in marijuana. However, research on CBD increased in recent years. CBD is a nonpsychoactive cannabinoid found in hemp; it is known for its effectiveness in treating certain illnesses, such as seizures and chronic pain.

Because of its rising popularity and its legalization in some states, plenty of manufacturers and retailers such as Trusted CBD Oil are specializing in the distribution of CBD-related products – from capsules and concentrates to skincare. Some also use CBD oils for their e-cigarettes or vapes.

Supercritical CO2 Extraction

The most common method of extracting the oil is called super-critical CO2 extraction. Most manufacturers use this technique with a specialized, complex machine. What happens here is that the plant is ground up to achieve a similar texture to coffee grounds. Then, it is poured into vessels inside the super-critical CO2 machine where the carbon dioxide element in the plant will be exposed to various pressures and temperatures at different times in the process.

This type of extraction is described as an efficient and clean way to retain the plant’s natural chemical properties because it is done without the help of hazardous chemicals and solvents. 

Here are the key advantages of this technique:

● Chemical Purity – The final product is microbiologically sterile because of the use of nontoxic solvents, which is carbon dioxide in this case.

● No Air – The process operates without air, which means that there’s no risk for oxidation, which can damage the product.

● Low Temperature – Supercritical transition happens at a relatively low temperature, which means that it will not alter the structure of the plant’s components.

● Spontaneous Discharge – There is a full and voluntary discharge of the solvent from the extract, which eliminates the need for additional purification.

● No Waste – The gaseous element leaves no trace as it discharges to the atmosphere when the process finishes. Plus, there’s also the opportunity to collect the solvent again and reuse it.

CBD Anxiety Reduction : Does CBD Actually Work?

Do It Yourself

Meanwhile, it’s possible to obtain CBD oil at home. Martin A. Lee, director of Project CBD, shared with Business Insider the steps to make the oil in your kitchen. His method uses olive oil as the carrier oil (or oil base) for the extraction. Other options are coconut oil or butter. These two main extraction techniques do not require high-tech equipment:

Oil Method

● The plant will have to undergo decarboxylation first, which converts the cannabinoids into an easily digestible form. This process can be achieved by baking the buds and leaves at 220 °F for approximately an hour and a half.

● Next, ground the weed to make the extraction process easier.

● Afterward, mix the ground weed with the carrier oil in a jar. Make sure to saturate the plant with the oil. The amount of oil depends on how potent you want the final essence to be.

● Secure the lid of the jar and place a towel at the bottom. Put everything on a pan and fill it with water. The temperature should be 200 °F, so have a thermometer handy. It will take about 3 hours for this step. Check the pan’s water level from time to time to ensure that it has not evaporated.

● Turn off the heat. Let the mixture sit for 3 hours more. Heat it again for 3 hours and turn off the heat afterward. Leave it to sit overnight.

● The CBD oil will be ready the next morning. Use a cheesecloth to strain the leaves.

Alcohol Method

● Place the plant in a glass bowl. Fill it will alcohol and stir for 5 to 6 minutes.

● Extract the resin. Use a straining bag or sieve to filter the solvent out of the container.

● Grab a double boiler and pour the extracted oil. Put the heat on low and watch it until you see bubbles. Wait until the alcohol evaporates without increasing the temperature.

● Let it simmer for about half an hour. Once you’re sure that there’s no more alcohol, that’s the time you mix it.

● Allow it to cool, and then transfer the oil into a bottle. Keep the lid tight to reduce the damage to its quality and effectiveness.


More and more people are seeing the positive effects of using CBD oil, especially when it comes to physical and mental health. With the numerous ongoing studies on this compound, it won’t be long before CBD will become a staple in the health and wellness field.

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