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Blockchain Technology Likely to Disrupt These Industries in 2019

Blockchain Technology Likely to Disrupt These Industries in 2019
Let’s face it. The IT revolution has brought a drastic change in the current job market with an uprising of technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, data science, and machine learning. 

Technology is still moving ahead and will not cease any time soon. With the emergence of new age technologies professionals can also expect to find disruption in the industries. In fact, the disruption has already begun.

As technologies keep changing, IT professionals will need to keep themselves updated with every technology skill that comes in the market. Organizations are now in need of professionals with the latest skills to help them adapt to the changes in the job sector. Currently, blockchain has taken quite a turn and is one of the disruptive technology.

Research states that 44% of the organizations are already adopting to blockchain technology worldwide. And 65% are already having a positive societal impact that goes beyond businesses.

The blockchain is called a digital ledger that is used for recording transactions. This ledger is stored in a network of computers called nodes. Any record that is stored is called blocks. These blocks are linked to other blocks which cannot be altered or changed. Today, everything from online transaction to raising money is being done through blockchain technology. Since this technology does not require a trusted third party such as banks, it offers a secured manned of transferring digital assets.

Blockchain being a trusted and a game-changing technology is already disrupting most of the industries today. Industries with blockchain disruption have already taken place in industries such as the healthcare sector, real estate, banking, legal, video, startup, and the government sector.
  • Healthcare
The healthcare sector has gained a lot of benefit from blockchain technology. Having a record of the patient is very important for the doctors, this technology helps to retain all the information of the patient. When a patient visits different doctors, their entire medical history can be easily accessed.
  • Real estate
If you’re looking to purchase a property, you will come across a lot of paperwork. Blockchain just makes the task easier for you by creating smart contracts.
  • Banking
Blockchain’s secured system can solve most of the problems for the banks. From the transferring on money to keeping a track of the transactions that take place.
  • Legal
The records cannot be altered and hence the information related to the will is secured.
  • Video
Blockchain may play a vital role in decentralizing the video infrastructure.
  • Startup
Many startups are in search for good investors and it is tough to find the right investor without jeopardizing the security of their ideas.
  • Government
Blockchain can help streamline government operations and helps in the distribution of aid and welfare.
If your aim is to get into blockchain technology companies, there are few names of companies you’ll need to start preparing for such as Patron, TraDove, Menlo One, FCoin, and Gameflip, etc.

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